About Us

Company History

Tonry Insurance Group, Inc. traces its roots back to 1926 when Albert J. Tonry, who had been a workmens' compensation insurance salesman for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company started the business. Mr. Tonry was also an M.I.T. educated engineer, and found that writing insurance for contractors was a congenial focus for his expertise. He focused on serving contractor customers and, to this day, the Agency is a significant player in bonding and insuring contractors in New England.

In 1947, Albert's son, Herbert Tonry, a graduate of Bowdoin College and Harvard School of Business, joined the firm to be followed in 1949 by another son, Louis, also a graduate of Bowdoin. Both sons were Naval officers and joined the firm after completing their service in World War II. About this time, the agency began to write surety bonds rounding out the service they offered to contractors.

In 1956, the three Tonrys incorporated the business as Albert J. Tonry & Co., Inc. with Albert J. Tonry as President, Herbert Tonry as Treasurer and Louis A. Tonry as Vice-President. Shortly thereafter, Albert retired and Louis assumed the position of President. In 1964, the agency moved from Post Office Square to the newly constructed Prudential Center as one of the original tenants.

Carl L. Traina, a Tufts University educated Civil Engineer, joined the firm in 1975 and introduced a program of diversification, computerization and expansion that has made the firm a respected and significant part of the insurance community. The two Tonry brothers retired in 1982 with Mr. Traina assuming the Role of President and Treasurer. Louis A. Tonry Jr. joined the firm in 1986 after several years of involvement in the agency. He is a graduate of Bowdoin College and has a Masters degree in Business from Babson College. The agency was relocated to Crown Colony in 1989 to allow easier access for clients and employees.

In 2000, we formed Tonry Insurance Agency, Inc. and expanded our Small Business Department and the number of service locations through the acquisition of the Northwest Insurance Agency, Inc. of Lexington, Massachusetts and Nashua, New Hampshire and did business as Northwest Insurance Agency. We subsequently sold the Nashua office and doubled the size of the Lexington office within five years. In 2007, we changed the name of the agency to Tonry Northwest Insurance Agency, Inc. and opened an office in Webster, Massachusetts.

Thus in its fourth generation, the agency has ambitious plans for growth and service to its customers. We strive to be the best at what we do.

Our Customers Say

Jacquelynne Maloney at the Tonry agency has helped us immeasurably navigating the bonding process.  She took the time to get to know us and develop a complete picture of our company, our goals and objectives, our capabilities, our needs and the history of our company.  Her knowledge of the market allowed her early on to recognize what program would work for our company.  Other bonding agencies simply asked for a copy of our financial statement, balance sheet and work on hand.  They appeared to have no interested in whether we were making cupcakes or nuclear missiles.  Jacquelynne took the time to get to know us personally.  To her we were more than just our financial statement.


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