Specialty Bonds

Tonry Insurance Group, Inc. has been in the bonding business since 1926, not only dealing with contract surety but also with the more diverse commercial and specialty bond market. 

  • Financial guarantee bonds
  • Financial Advisor, Mortgage Broker & Real Estate Broker
  • License, court bonds, and miscellaneous obligations
  • Fiduciary liability insurance for health and welfare plans
  • Fidelity and employee dishonesty coverage
  • Directors, officers, and employment practices

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Our Customers Say

Jacquelynne Maloney at the Tonry agency has helped us immeasurably navigating the bonding process.  She took the time to get to know us and develop a complete picture of our company, our goals and objectives, our capabilities, our needs and the history of our company.  Her knowledge of the market allowed her early on to recognize what program would work for our company.  Other bonding agencies simply asked for a copy of our financial statement, balance sheet and work on hand.  They appeared to have no interested in whether we were making cupcakes or nuclear missiles.  Jacquelynne took the time to get to know us personally.  To her we were more than just our financial statement.


Richardson Electrical Company, Inc.