Specialty Programs

Security Guards, Alarm, Fire Suppression & Electronic Security by Tonry (S.A.F.E.-T Program)

Tonry Insurance Group, Inc. is one of a select group of insurance representatives qualified to competitively quote and service the complex insurance needs of Security Guards and Alarm, Fire Suppression and Electronic Security Contractors. 

Since 1926 Tonry Insurance Group, Inc. has been serving New England insurance clients, providing personalized, professional service and competitive product pricing. 

Patty Capadanno joined Tonry Insurance Group, Inc. in June 2012 as an Account Executive managing the agency’s specialty program concentrating on the needs of contractors working in the Safety – Security Industry.

Patty began her career in insurance over 34 years ago.  Her primary focus since 1990 has been keeping in tune with the ever changing market place for the Security & Alarm Industry. 

On a daily basis, Patty works closely with various specialty markets and member associations to obtain and develop the most competitive, comprehensive programs available for our current clientele while continuing to grow this segment of business.

Our office has had a great deal of success in placing this specialty line of insurance, and we would appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

Of course there is no cost or obligation to obtain a premium quote, and we would be pleased to help you develop the information required to obtain coverage terms and conditions.  Even if you are comfortable with your current insurance, it is quite often a good idea to obtain competing terms, to make sure that you are getting the best coverage available to you.

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Our Customers Say

Jacquelynne Maloney at the Tonry agency has helped us immeasurably navigating the bonding process.  She took the time to get to know us and develop a complete picture of our company, our goals and objectives, our capabilities, our needs and the history of our company.  Her knowledge of the market allowed her early on to recognize what program would work for our company.  Other bonding agencies simply asked for a copy of our financial statement, balance sheet and work on hand.  They appeared to have no interested in whether we were making cupcakes or nuclear missiles.  Jacquelynne took the time to get to know us personally.  To her we were more than just our financial statement.


Richardson Electrical Company, Inc.